St. Peter's Basilica Photos

St. Peter's Basilica Photos - The Vatican

The Bascilica has beautiful Architecture

St. Peter's Bascillica with Michael Angelo's Dome

St. Peter's Bascillica general view

St. Peter's Bascillica - The Holy Door

St. Peter's Bascillica - Mary holding Jesus

An aerial view of the St. Peter's Basilica and
Via della Conciliazione boulevard at the Vatican
Thursday April 7, 2005, the day before
the funeral of Pope John Paul II

Burgundy colored drapes hang above a balcony's window
on the Vatican's St. Peter's Basilica, where a new pope
will make an appearance following the conclave vote,
April 16, 2005. Smoke signals above the Sistine Chapel,
telling the world whether or not a new pope has been elected,
are expected at around noon (1000 GMT) and 7 p.m.

A general view of the Bernini's huge baldachin during a
Mass for Pope John Paul II celebrated in
St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican

Final touches :
Isaac Soledade Couto gives the final touches to a sand sculpture
of former Pope John Paul II at the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil. Couto created the sculpture to pay tribute to the Pope

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